“Lord, Just One More Chance” is based off a true-life story of Playwright and Author Nellie Smith-King. It depicts the horrendous life of a young woman growing up in the south and having to leave home and migrate to New York City to escape her mother’s negligence and her mother’s boyfriend physical and psychological abuse.


Born on June 27, 1952 in Grifton, North Carolina, Nellie was raised by her grandparents; some of her summers were spent with her mother.  As a young girl growing up, she participated in various activities such as basketball, softball, dancing and singing. Nellie became a member of a local church in her hometown and joined the youth choir. Unexpectedly and without warning, Nellie’s mother began contacting her grandparents demanding that she come to live with her. They were reluctant at first about this request, eventually Nellie was forced to live with her mother where she became defiant and experienced feelings of deep resentment towards her mother as she wanted to remain with her grandparents.

The safety Nellie once enjoyed no longer existed once she began living with her mother, she became the product of sexual, verbal, physical and psychological abuse at the hand of her mother’s boyfriend; this led to her abusing alcohol at the early age of thirteen. Nellie lived in constant fear for her life due to the on-going threats she received from her mother’s boyfriend at gunpoint.  As she grew older, the pressures of living at home with her mother in a chaotic and dysfunctional setting became overwhelming. One day in spite of her fears, she shared with an aunt the constant abuse she had endured at the hand of her mother’s boyfriend. The aunt secretly informed Nellie’s grandfather of the plight of this young and innocent girl.  Nellie was immediately removed from her mother’s home where she returned to live with her grandparents, but the abuse continued when she was forced by her mother to visit on a regular basis.


In the winter of 1968, Nellie migrated from Grifton, NC to Brooklyn, NY with the assistance of her grandparents, who sent her to live with an aunt and uncle.  Nellie was forced to move from the aunt’s home because of her mother’s demands for her to return home and her uncle’s attempt to molest her.  Nellie stayed with a cousin and eventually returned to North Carolina where she remained for a year and lived with an aunt.  However, it didn’t take long for Nellie to realize that it was a mistake for her to return home, as the relationship with her mother had not changed.  She then relocated again to New York where she stayed and enrolled in night school to continue her education.


At the age of seventeen, Nellie was able to secure full time employment. Her life appeared to have some kind of stability at this point even though she was still haunted by her past. In an attempt to escape it, Nellie began hanging out in bars and clubs after work and on weekends, where her drinking habits increased, she was also getting high and partying. One night she met a woman while hanging out, who introduced her to heroin which led to the use of a variety of drugs use. Nellie enjoyed getting high as it provided her with a false sense of security that seemed to consume her.


Nellie continued working at the phone company primarily to support her drug habit.  She eventually lost her job after having been employed with this company for approximately two years. Nellie ended up homeless living on the streets of New York City, destitute and strung out on drugs.  Prostitution became her means of survival and involvement in fraudulent activities that led to an arrest. Nellie contemplated suicide as her world began to crumble around her.


In 1972, Nellie decided to stay with a friend, she began sharing with her roommate her desire to experience peace and serenity in her life; she was informed of a service being held in a tent.  Nellie attended the revival; as she saw this as a perfect opportunity to abandon her life of weariness and to receive salvation. Though, her attending the revival did not stop the drug addiction and the desires to return to the street. It took a divine intervention/encounter from God to demonstrate His love for her over and over. It was then Nellie received deliverance from a life of drugs, prostitution and crime in 1973. The following year was a pivotal turning point and most significant year in Nellie’s life; she became pregnant with her son, and totally surrendered her life to the Lord. Eight years later, she met her future husband, Herbert King and they were married in 1983, and from this union a daughter was born.


God totally transformed Nellie’s life and provided her with an opportunity to make amends with her mother prior to her death in 1997.


Nellie Smith-King is an anointed woman of God who was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write “Lord, Just One More Chance” in hopes of ministering to others who have experienced similar situations. She is committed to the work of the Lord, winning souls and encouraging others to establish a meaningful relationship with God. The riveting production of “Lord, Just One More Chance” was birthed with intent of revealing to others that nothing is impossible with God. It demonstrates God’s love, grace and mercy towards us and the forgiveness He continually shows us.

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