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The Unperfect Couple

Tony and Karen who reside in a small New York apartment are forced to move in together after Tony is kicked out of his apartment due to apartment renovations and after Karen decides to move out of her own apartment because of noisy neighbors. What happens when they decide to move in together? Although they've been a couple for 7 years they are clueless to the art, talent, patience, and coping skills needed to live with another adult human being. Can they survive each other?  Will Karen's intolerance for more noisy neighbors, Tony leaving spit in the toilet, and Tony's "excessively dramatic" demands drive her crazy? Can Tony overcome Karen's sarcastic opinions, her leaving underwear on the door knob and her explosive temper tantrums or will she drive him away completely?  Take a ride with these two on their tumultuous journey to find out if their relationship will stand the test of time. 


1:00PM (Door opens at 12:00PM)

7:00PM (Door opens at 6:00PM)

TICKETS: $30.00


Oberia Dempsey Multi Services Center

127 West 127th Street

New York, NY 10027


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